1- The Parties

The service provider Intersfer will be referred to as “Agency”. The person whose name and surname is specified in the reservation and / or the persons represented by him shall be referred to as “Consumer..


2- Subject

This contract is made between the Consumer and the Agency.

In accordance with the below mentioned qualifications and sales conditions of the services that the agency sells, it is arranged for the sales of services made in written, visual, telephone and electronic media and includes the rights and acts of the parties.

Includes the transfer, tour and vehicle allocation services purchased by the Consumer from the website of the Agency.


3- Duration of Contract

Business this contract; If the said reservation enters into force on the date approved by the Agency and no dispute occurs, the service received by the Consumer shall end automatically.

In case of dispute, this contractual relationship shall be valid until the final settlement of the dispute. The consumer is obliged to pay the service fee at the time of booking for credit card service.

For the prices stated in the service price, K.D.V. (TAX) is included. Reservation and payment; The Agency’s Web Site means acceptance of the terms set forth in the Distance Sales Agreement and the “Terms and Conditions” pages. Complaints and reimbursement requests must be forwarded to info@intersfer.com by 14 (fourteen) days after the date of service.

The agency will use the information provided in the booking form to document the invoices to the consumer. Expenses arising from the cancellation and refund of credit card payments made to the bank’s pos system or payment systems service are deducted from the amount to be returned at the customer’s expense.

specified on the booking page of our website Turkey prepaid instruments is sought based on the local time of 12 hours must be booked in advance, it is deemed acceptable limitations on how long if the booking was made.

Requests that will occur under 12 hours of the vehicles mentioned should be contacted with us and preliminary compliance must be obtained. Only prepayment can be provided as payment option in some destinations or tours on our website.

The arrival time for airport transfers is 60 minutes. Bank transfers made from abroad may be commissions interrupted by those sent for reasons arising from financial agreements between countries or due to the commission policy of the sending bank or correspondent bank.

The commission deductions and responsibility arising from the bank to which the money will be transferred belong to the sender. To avoid such a situation, please ask your bank for confirmation.


4- Cancellation and Change

When the consumer requests a cancellation up to 12 hours before the start of the service, the entire service price paid is returned to him.

In case of cancellation requests within less than 12 hours before the start of the service, 50% of the one-way service price is refunded. (if the two-way service fee is paid, the full return fee will be refunded) These terms do not include campaign services, early bookings or discounted bookings.

Cancellation provisions apply to date changes made by the consumer. The Consumer shall comply with the service contract rules relating to the service purchased from the Agency; 3. will respect the lives, property and well-being of the persons; otherwise, he cannot receive the service for good reason and has no right to return.

In the event that the credit card of the Consumer does not pay the service fee to the Agency for unfair or unlawful use by unauthorized persons after the performance of the Service, which is not caused by the failure of the Agency, the Consumer is responsible for the service cost and the damages incurred.


5- General provisions

The Agency shall provide services such as mechanical failure, traffic accident, operational disruptions, weather opposition, traffic congestion, terrorist incidents, law enforcement practices, etc., which may constitute obstacles to the start or continuation of the service.

from the moment you realize that you cannot make your transfer due to reasons, we will try to provide an alternative vehicle as soon as possible and / or inform you otherwise.

Transfer vehicles can arrive at the destination 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after arrival. Passengers must be at the pick-up point 15 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. If they do not arrive, they must wait at the pick-up point for 15 minutes.

Transfer vehicles can wait up to 15 minutes at the point of departure. Passengers who do not arrive at the point of receipt within 15 minutes are responsible for their transfer.

Passengers should wait in front of the outside door of the venue (hotel, building, apartment etc.) which is designated as the point of reception. Reception, cafe etc. In case of stopping at points, they should be informed that they are waiting for the transfer to the external security gate of the hotel or apartment.

If the vehicle is delayed to the pick-up point due to force majeure (accident, breakdown, tire puncture etc.), the passenger goes to the airport by his own means. Airport transfer fee is covered by Intersfer Transfer. The passenger has to go to the airport considering the flight time.

If the passenger does not go to the airport on his own and misses his flight, Intersfer Transfer does not accept responsibility.

In the cases mentioned above, the refund of the transfer fee will be refunded to you without interruption and / or in such case, the price difference arising from the transportation provided by the Consumer by your own means shall be paid to the Consumer by the Agency.


6- Effectiveness

This agreement consists of 7 main articles and if necessary, it will be issued in 2 copies and signed by the parties.

In case of disputes arising from the agreement, the provisions of the Road Transport Law No. 4925 shall be applied. Istanbul court and enforcement offices are authorized for the dispute arising from this agreement.

I have read and accepted the agreement on my own behalf and / or on behalf of the persons I have written on the reservation form. This statement; it is valid even if someone else has executed and / or signed the reservation.

I hereby declare that I have read, understood and accepted all of the provisions stated on the Transfer Agreement page arranged on our behalf as the consumer, the responsibility of the accuracy of my information on the reservation form I have submitted, the Highway Transportation Law no. 4925 and the information on the Agency website.

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